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A business website design and SEO for a one-of-a-kind consultant

An Air Force Veteran, Matt Watson has extensive leadership experience along with a PhD to support his passion for helping companies achieve their goals through innovation.

The Brief

Matt’s had been using a popular choice, GoDaddy, for his web hosting and website builder. It was ok for a while, but he knew he needed his website to do more.

Matt Watson

Matt began his career in the United States Air Force as a forward-air-controller, serving in the invasion of Iraq with the 101st Airborne Division.

“I need website traffic,” he told us. “My visitors are mostly through referrals from LinkedIn. I want more natural results from Google.”

He also wanted to continue to actively post articles in his blog – which he calls his “Newsletter” and allow people to subscribe and receive updates when new articles are published.

Our Approach

Using inspiration from his existing logo design along with the descriptions and images he provided about his serves, we created a homepage that more easily guided the user through the offerings and helped them to learn more and get in touch easily.

In addition we moved his site to BossDog Hosting which guaranteed a fast, secure and personal experience! 🙂

We also installed Google Analytics, submitted the site to Google and enable the Search Console to monitor rankings and see opportunities for optimization.

Site speed is something search engines are favoring these days, so we made sure that his site was optimized for a fast load time, with scaled images, caching and more. Aren’t those green bars purrrrdy?

GTmetrix for 9m Consulting

Curious to know how fast your site is? Enter the domain at to find out!

Lastly we made a little video tutorial for Matt, to give him some blogging tips and best practices that would increase his ranking even more.

The Result

A fabulous, great looking business website design, that is engaging and easy to navigate while on device. It’s ready for search engine love and new leads for his unique business consulting firm.

Just a few weeks after launching the new site, Matt reported his traffic had doubled! Can’t wait to see how his business grows!

Homepage Design

The homepage design



I had a moment and just wanted to thank you again. I love the new look, feel, and functionality of the web site. I see traffic is up double than what it was with GoDaddy and have clear insight on how I can keep improving my SEO. Anyways, I wanted to pass along how great you’ve been to work with. ~ Matt Watson


About 9m Consulting

9m Consulting its a solutions-based practice, that uses qualitative and quantitative research methods to determine what best fosters innovation in your organization.

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