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ReecerMedia offers affordable web design, fast sitespeed, SEO and domain services, including hosting and SSL for WordPress, and e-commerce websites. Learn more about the founder, Marni Reecer, and her team here.

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Want to know more about Marni? Check out – Marni’s personal blog for knitting and crocheting inspiration! Because hobbies are important too.

“The greatest gift you ever give is your honest self.” ~ Fred Rogers


ReecerMedia is a Fort Worth Digital Agency, focusing mainly on web design and SEO services. Founder and principal contact is Marni (Getchell) Reecer, an online marketing professional with 20 years of experience and a strong desire to help others realize their online goals through effective strategies, great designs, SEO and marketing campaigns.

How did it all start?

It really started as a freelance business in 2008 — yes the recession year. There were so many of us out of work and so we built our own businesses. I discovered there were alot of individuals, entrepreneurs and local businesses that needed a digital presence. And many of them didn’t have a big budget. So I dug in and got to work.  ~ Marni

Fast forward to 2018 and ReecerMedia is active and stronger than ever. With a continued focus on best practices for search, and designing websites that work.

Why Marni?

She’s the perfect balance of techie meets creative. A little bit geeky and a little bit artsy. Through her experience and connections, both creative and technical, she has helped many local business achieve their online goals.


I work with 4 fabulous individuals here in Fort Worth. I’ve worked with them all personally in different settings, at
different times during my career, and am proud to call them friends as well as colleagues. ~ Marni

Joe Zarate

Logo Design & Branding

Loren Ashley Boyd

Wordpress & Content Development

Lance McKinley

Photoshop Artist/ Digital Color Corrector / Graphic Designer

Chris Reecer

Music & Photography