Digital Painting Restoration

Digital Painting & Photo Restoration

Do you have an old photo or painting or drawing from years gone by? Perhaps a piece of artwork that a family member did a long time ago? Did you know it’s possible to restore and even enhance photos and paintings for you to cherish and display in your home or office?

Digital Painting & Photo Restoration Services

Recently we were asked to restore two very old watercolor paintings near and dear to someone, faded and worn after probably 100 years or so. The goal was to make them look new again and if possible incorporate a white background. As you can see from these before and after images, we did just that.

The original paintings were done using watercolor, on a brownish paper that was becoming thin and fragile. We carefully scanned the images to create a digital copy to work with. Then meticulously went through and revived the old colors into what they must have looked like years ago. We were even able to add the white background.

A fresh new look for an old piece of art.

Flowers – Before

Flowers – After

Flower Painting Restoration

Bird – Before

Bird Painting - Before Restoration

Bird – After

Bird Watercolor Painting Restored

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