Don’t get left behind! Google is smarter than ever and gives preference to sites that offer the user the best experience possible. Our SEO services can be conveniently selected as a la carte items or as a comprehensive package. Details and pricing here.


SEO Starter – $295

First a Quick AuditĀ is performed to establish a benchmark of your website speed and general search engine ranking. Next steps are taken to increase site speed to above average, to help your site gain preference over competitors who may have slower web sites. Following best practices, site backups are scheduled, updates done as needed. The website is then verified and sitemaps are submitted to both Google and Bing. And finally Google analytics is set up with any goals desired to gain insights to traffic, search and usability. Upon completion of all these steps a final Post Audit is conducted to compare and see the improvements made since the Quick Audit. SEO Starter turnaround time for this is 1-2 weeks.

2-Year SSL, installation and set up for BossDog Hosting Accounts – $125

We will obtain and establish an SSL for your website, good for 2 years. Done in a day so you can relax and enjoy the benefits of having a secure website. And yes, that really means a lot to your visitors, and to Google.

Help with SSL on website hosted elsewhere – $125

You will purchase the SSL through your hosting provider (i.e. GoDaddy, FatCow, etc.) and ReecerMedia will help facilitate the installation and making sure all URLs are correctly changed to https:// and search engines notified of the change.

Keyword Research & Analysis – $295

During this phase, we will find, assess and select long tail keywords with less competition to guide content creation for a higher conversion. We will work with you to establish a good list from which to work from.

Content Optimization – $150 per keyword/phrase + landing page or post

Copy graphics and images designed to compliment keyword research and topics relevant to your website. Content optimization increases the quality of visits to your site and allows your site to be found, engage others, be shared and recommended. Current best practices are employed to insure an above average ranking.

Backlink Development – $95/hour

Backlinking, is perhaps the most powerful SEO element of all. What is a back link? Simply put a backlink is a referral link. Someone other than yourself is linking to your site. This earns your site respect and trust from Google. Each backlink is like a vote of confidence from users around the web. A successful backlinking campaign validates you as an expert in your field and is imperative to obtain the best ranking possible. Backlinking is achieve over time through relationships built online via blogs, forums, social media, etc. It takes time and creativity.

Comprehensive SEO

SEO 90 – $1500

All a la carte items above plus are weekly and monthly audits to view progress, analyze resultsand optimize along the way. 3 easy monthly payments of $500.

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