Bridge 3

Jonathan Silk – not your average leadership development guy.

Jonathan Silk

A decorated veteran, Purple Heart recipient, leader, scholar and all around great guy.

Bridge 3 is the name Jonathan Silk chose to represent his unique “human-centered” approach to Leadership Development. An approach that was born from a real war situation in Iraq. On that unforgettable day, his mission was to seize Bridge 3. Things were going smoothly, they had all the gear and technology, they thought they were ready, but all of a sudden their night vision was impaired and they were surrounded by enemy fire. Jonathan took a hit in the chest, many of his soldiers were down. Yet somehow, they rallied, they survived, and succeeded in taking the bridge.

Jonathan Silk

Jonathan Silk, MBA

What he learned through this experience, and others like it, was that technology wasn’t enough. It was the HUMANS who won the fight, not technology. It was the “soft skills” his soldiers relied on to get them through, to adapt, to rise to the occasion and to get through what truly was an impossible situation.

Now retired from the Army, Jonathan is a doctoral student at Pepperdine University, who has partnered with him to offer a Leadership Essentials course for continuing education credits in the Graduate School of Education and Psychology.

The Brief

Jonathan needed a website that would communicate his unique offering of Assessments and Continuing Education courses for high performing individuals. First and foremost, he needed a great looking and professional website that would appeal to new clients once they arrived. Secondly, he wanted to stand out among other leadership development companies as an individual who has the true grit of experience and is well studied. Lastly, he wanted his website to rank high in search, and eventually higher than another company that is called “Bridge 3”.

Our Approach

photo by Peter Robbins

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We kicked off the project with a straightforward layout that would accommodate the working parts of his website. With a keyword strategy in mind we structured the main landing pages for search (leadership development, assessments and continuing education), and added a blog so that Jonathan can continue to engage, challenge and educate people with real stories and information all centered around his unique approach.

Then I arranged a photoshoot with Peter Robbins at Jonathan’s office, to obtain profile pictures that would convey his personality, purpose and establish trust with his potential clients and students.

The website design was structured around the key goal of getting website visitors to enroll in classes or request more information. The overall design is modern, bold and clean with a style that compliments the Bridge 3 brand.

I also “sped up” the website so that it is well above average, giving it an edge over other sites that may come up in results, and told Google it was ready for indexing.

The Result?

Stay tuned while we give the search engines a little time to get to know the new site and gather data to share with you!


Marni is a very creative, and highly skilled web designer. She is very collaborative and provides great customer service. Marni took the time to listen to my story and what my business objectives were before building the site. I highly recommend her services.


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