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Logo and web design for a unique law practice.

Our approach to logo and web design is ultimately inspired by our clients. 

When people are passionate about what they do it just shows. All you have to do is take some time to listen and understand their WHY. Then it all makes sense, things just seem to fall together, at least for me. This project was no different. ~ Marni Reecer

James D. Nickolas, or “Jim” as his friends and family call him is an energetic lawyer committed to helping families plan for LIFE. His “untraditional” approach to estate planning is so refreshing and interesting. It’s what he calls Philotimo Inspired Planning.

The Brief

Jim’s logo and website needed to visually communicate his unique practice, but more importantly it needed to show his WHY. In working with Jim, I was fascinated to learn about his long career as an army officer, his service to our country, his academic achievements, his upbringing in the Greek Orthodox Faith, his passion for helping people and his sense of philotimo.

What does Philotimo mean? And how would I communicate that with a logo, and web design?

Philotimo is a Greek word that is hard to define, but ultimately it’s about doing the right thing, honoring others, thinking of others before yourself. After watching a video published by the Washington OXI foundation, I understood how this concept has influenced Jim and his decision to help others through providing legal counsel to families. So we decided to include it on his website as well. You’ll find the video here:  https://www.nickolaslaw.com/philotimo-inspired-planning

In addition to the inspiration for Jim’s practice, we wanted the visitor to see as someone you could absolutely trust with your personal family information, someone who would do the right thing, so we had some great new photos taken from a fellow WeWork business, Square8 Studios.

With the discovery phase done, the design began.

Our Approach

Taking into consideration all of these things, the logo design come together. It includes elements of Christianity, law and Greek culture. Here is a snapshot of the thought process and how the elements came together.

logo development

I was so excited to create business cards with an embossed logo effect that really made the motif stand out and look exquisite. Here is a little video of me opening the box!

[fvplayer src=”/wp-content/uploads/2018/09/BusCardDemo.mp4″ autoplay=”true” loop=”true”]

Business Cards, MiniCards, Postcards and more

Business Cards printed by Moo.com

With the logo done we then moved to a WordPress web design that would reflect the same look and feel of the logo. 

Some of the main features include:

  • A homepage slider, showing Jim, followed by images of growing families for whom LIFE planning is important. The user is then guided to learn about Philotimo and the services the Nickolas Law Firm provides.
  • An attorney bio that includes photos from Jim’s family, and his military career. We felt this was important to include because it gives the user a glimpse into knowing who Jim is and why he chose to become a lawyer.
  • Specific landing pages for all services.
  • Strong call to action on every page to make it easy for the visitor to get started with their own personal family lawyer.

The Result

The result is a website that will be the foundation for a new business to grow. With the capability of adding new pages, posts, and functionality as needed. Ongoing efforts for search optimization and other client integrations are planned.


Absolutely fantastic! Marni created a website for my new law practice that exceeded my every expectation. Imaginative, skilled, and very customer friendly, she often saw opportunities in my ideas and concepts to create enhanced brand value. I highly recommend her services. ~ Jim Nickolas

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