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Branding & Logo Design

Your logo design is the graphic symbol that represents a person, company or organization. If it’s well-known enough, like the Nike swoosh, you might see it used without the name of the business and still recognize the association. Typically, most logos consist of a typographic part that more clearly spells out the name of the organization.

Brand identity is the more significant, visual appearance associated with your company. When people recognize your brand without seeing your logo design, then you know your brand identity is working. 

While it’s true the consistent use of your logo is important, there should also be consistency to the element around your logo such as color palette, fonts, the tone of voice, types of images.

Brand Identity Checklist

A short list of items to include when building your brand’s visual identity:

  • A simple color palette – 1-3 primary colors and 2-3 secondary colors.
  • A primary logo mark and wordmark.
  • A secondary logo mark and/or wordmark – This should be designed to be used in place of your primary logo, like on a t-shirt, hat, or pencil.
  • Fonts – As simple as Helvetica, or they custom-built. If you’re looking for ease of use, pick a font that is available on all computers. If you want something more distinct, choose a lesser-known font.

An excellent place to start is with our logo design questionnaire. This online form gives you the opportunity to articulate your brand offering, your style, and helps us create the type of logo and brand elements that accurately identifies your company and sets you apart from the rest.

Iconic / Symbolic Logo Design

An uncomplicated image or symbol that represents a particular company or product. e.g., Apple, World Wildlife Fund

Logotype / Wordmark

Purely typographic, made up of only the letters of the name make up to the logo (there is no additional symbol). Think Coca-Cola, CNN, FedEx. It interprets your company or brand name as a uniquely styled type font treatment.

Combination Marks

Graphics with both text and a symbol/icon. Integrated and stand-alone combination marks. e.g., Starbucks (text and graphics integrated), AT&T (image separate from writing).

Types of Logos

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Marni is a very creative, and highly skilled web designer. She recently helped me design and launch the Bridge 3 website. She is very collaborative and provides great customer service. Marni took the time to listen to my story and what my business objectives were before building the site. I highly recommend her services.

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