IMOA T-shirt Design

T-shirt design in memory of Adam

Not just another t-shirt design

When it comes to design, our approach is not only creative, but heartfelt.

In this instance, we were honored to have been asked to create a special t-shirt design, #IMOA. In memory of Adam, for a dear friend, client and mother who lost her oldest son on February 25, 2017.

The design direction was taken by her desire to incorporate the number of days Adam lived, as well as the hashtag #IMOA. With that information, and knowing a little about Adam, we created a simple but artistic expression, which in itself pays tribute to a man who was an artistic soul with a heart for graffiti-style art.

IMOA T-Shirt Design by ReecerMedia

T-Shirt Design by ReecerMedia

After approval of the design, we were able to order a small run of 25 t-shirts that would be shipped to its destination in a timely manner, to be distributed to friends and family in time for Adam’s 1-year memorial.

All done quickly and affordably, with love.

May his memory be eternal +