ReecerMedia Web Services

New Projects and Personal Web Hosting in Fort Worth

Hello from ReecerMedia headquarters! It’s a beautiful day and I’m excited to work on some new projects as well as putting the final touches on For years I have referred clients to other hosting companies and now I am so happy to offer my own web hosting in Fort Worth.

BossDog Web Hosting

Imagine a new way to manage your domains and web hosting accounts.

  • What? No more on hold time with Godaddy or FatCow, or Bluehost?
  • No more purchasing things you may or may not need or use at all?
  • No more forcing you to use Google mail or upgrade email accounts because you’ve run out of room?
  • Yep, that’s right. No more. I call the shots now and it feels good!

But more than that, this new local company is woman-owned and powered, this company is destined for greatness because I will work hard and I believe in it. I want to serve my clients and others who are looking for an alternative to web hosting.

And you know, the future is female after all 😉

Contact me for details!

a.k.a. the BossDog