Our WordPress Care plans are for our clients utilizing the BossDog Hosting platform. Details and pricing below.
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BossDog WP Hosting
Basic Care Plan $24.95/month
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WordPress Updates
Automated backups prior to every update (see below).
Management of all core, plugin, and theme updates on a weekly or daily basis.
Review of your WordPress site directly after update implementation to verify no issues occurred as a result
Regular backups are important to protecting your investment. If a plugin update should take the site down, if an employee went rogue and introduced some unwanted updates to the content, or if a hacker targets the site, having a freshly saved copy of your database is critical to reversing the damage and getting their site back up and running well in no time.
Security Monitoring
The extraordinary popularity of WordPress has made it a very inviting target for hackers, so more of them are being drawn to WordPress sites. This makes WordPress security critical.
Our security services include:
Implementation of a firewall (if there isn’t one yet).
Implement an SSL certification (again, if it doesn’t exist).
Installation of a WordPress security plugin.
Automated email notifications regarding the site’s security status and warnings.
Cleanup assistance after a security breach.
Uptime Monitoring
We monitor for daily, weekly, and monthly uptime issues. If there is a problem identified with uptime or with speed, we have the tools to help us quickly address it.
Technical Support
Email and live chat support via BossDog Hosting so clients can be assured their sites are well taken care of at all times.

BossDog WP Hosting
Premium Care Plan $199.95/month
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All the benefits of BossDog WP Hosting PLUS
Website Updates
Website updates as needed, for example:  add a product image, change this font, upload this testimonial, remove that person’s bio. Up to 5 requests per month.

Database Maintenance
WordPress databases can get messy when they’re left to their own devices. Post and page revisions stack up. Spam comments are unnecessarily logged. Old images, plugins, and themes weigh it down. Database maintenance includes cleaning up files on a monthly basis to ensure old and outdated stuff is getting cleaned out.

Monthly Audit Overview
We’ll look at various areas of the website that could potentially pose problems and give them a bird’s eye view of where you’ve spotted trouble and what your suggested fixes are.
Analytics – We’ll review Google Analytics for last month’s traffic and trends and provide you with useful insights and recommendations.
Paid Search – We will audit any paid search efforts to see how they are performing. (i.e. Google AdWords or Facebook/Instagram sponsored posts set up).
Site Performance – We’ll use Google’s PageSpeed Insights to scan your site and determine if any speed optimizations need to be implemented.
Security – We’ll do a sweep for malware and other security infections.
SEO – We’ll use Yoast SEO to audit the overall state of your search optimization efforts.
Broken links
Contact forms and pop-ups
E-commerce checkouts
Strategy Consulting – How to improve a site, how to achieve greater efficiencies, how to increase site ranking, etc.







Comprehensive SEO

SEO 90 – $1500

All a la carte items above plus are weekly and monthly audits to view progress, analyze resultsand optimize along the way. 3 easy monthly payments of $500.