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An online source for health and wellness, BalancingEnergy provides all the resources for you to balance your body, mind, and life.

BalancingEnergy’s website provides a wealth of information so you can view the latest health news and explore articles and videos on diet & exercise, healthy recipes, emerging research, stress reduction, healthy lifestyle, and trends. One-on-one personal support with diet and lifestyle is available through private coaching sessions, with Certified Health Coach Lisa Breitenwischer.

BalancingEnergy Products

In addition, hosts an online shop where BalancingEnergy BE Calm & BE Love aromatherapy scents are for sale, as well as their Room Spray and Crystal Infused Essential oils.

Product labels, photography, and web design produced by Joanie Isom.

I’ve been in business for over 10 years and it was time to go from bricks to clicks. The first step of moving to an online store was to create a new website. The second step was finding a Web Design company that could help with this major transition. Joanie Reecer had been the Social Media Manager at my yoga studio for several years. When I learned her family’s business was in web design & hosting, I asked her to set up a meeting. I liked the idea of working with a smaller more personalized company, and glad I did! Joanie and founder Marni Reecer and her team didn’t disappoint. ReecerMedia created a very current, creative, and customized web design for me at an affordable price. They went above and beyond producing outstanding web graphic design, interface design, usability, and performance optimization. They included me in every detail, during the process and were very patient with me, which I appreciated. I learned a lot through the process and although I know they will be there for me in the future, they provided an excellent handout on how to perform various tasks so that I can upload articles, pictures, or videos any time I like, which is a time saver. If you want to make your business shine online and have hosting & maintenance support, ReecerMedia will deliver! ~ Lisa Breitenwischer

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December 22, 2022

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