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Oh, hail no and my story about paintless dent repair

All I ever wanted to know about paintless dent repair I learned from H&H PDR. This is my story about working with a big-hearted veteran business that deserves to be mentioned.

What did I know about paintless dent repair? 

Nothing. Absolut nichts. But when I met John Bradley, a former Marine passionate about providing the absolute best service and first-class results to folks whose vehicles have been hit by hail, I was intrigued.

What was the big mystery behind getting the best service? How does the process actually work? And is his promise of no out-of-pocket, door-to-door, rental car provided really for reals? I was about to find out… but first let’s go back to January 2020.

To get his business going John needed a logo, a website, business cards for sales associates, and a marketing plan. We got to work. My team helped design and develop a website that matched John’s vision, business cards were ordered, and ad campaigns started. Leads followed, John and his team did their job and rave reviews came pouring in.

And then Spring of 2020… it hailed in Fort Worth.

Spring of 2020. Yeah, I know. It’s painful to relive the beginning of the pandemic, but there we were, and the weather didn’t care what was happening and my car got pounded. At first, I thought I could hardly see the dings, but then I saw them… and when I called John, he promised there were more there than what I could see. He was right.

So, here was the process I went through. So you can see for reals. 🙂

  1. I called my insurance company and reported the claim after the hailstorm. 
  2. I gave them John’s contact info at H&H PDR.
  3. John picked up my car. I passed on the rental car offered because I didn’t need it. But that is part of his service. No charge.
  4. At the shop, he carefully inspected the hail damage and communicated with my insurance company.
  5. THREE days later – no kidding, he delivered my car to my door – completely like new and even detailed inside.
  6. The insurance company had transferred money to my account, and I paid John.

That was it. It didn’t cost me a dime.

What I really like about John’s business is his dedication to staying “small” and being able to offer this kind of “concierge service” as he calls it to his customers. He’s honest, hard-working, and focused on service. For reals.

A new year for H&H PDR

I’m happy to say that now in 2021 I know a lot more about paintless dent repair. I also continue to work with John, most recently updating business cards and online listings to match, wait for it… his very own brick and mortar shop location which opened in Aubrey, January 2021. 

For H&H PDR, visibility is growing — on Google, Facebook, Instagram, and Yelp along with his new physical location. So exciting.

Veteran Business HnH PDR


It’s incredibly rewarding for me to be part of John’s vision, his success, and to support his business through the web, online listings, SEO, and social media. I’m honored that he trusts me to manage everything, including hosting his website on

I hope you will visit to see some of the customer reviews there and get a feeling for who this veteran is and why you should call him when your car is the victim of a Texas hailstorm. Don’t wait!

Thanks for reading.

Semper Fi.


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